The last time I texted while driving was today. I don’t do it often, but I did it today. At a red light I did what I think most people do at red lights. I pulled out my phone and went on Facebook.  While on Facebook I saw one of my friends selling a calf. I’ve wanted a cow ever since I was a little kid and I was ecstatic to see this. Normally at
Texting and driving is so common in today’s society that it’s scary. Not only do people text and drive, but they “Facebook and drive,” Snapchat and drive,” and even tweet and drive. There is no text message in the world worth risking a life over. The people who are texting you should also understand this. I love that more cars being built today are coming with wireless Bluetooth capabilities, that way drivers won’t have to

SF Skateboarders Have Rights Too!

Posted by MJQLAW on  September 13, 2017

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It should come as no surprise that skateboard vs. car accidents result in serious injuries to the skateboarder. Like pedestrians, skaters are just as vulnerable against cars. However unlike pedestrian accidents, skateboarders are likely to be found at fault for their collisions due to unfair, negative stereotypes, failing to follow safety requirements, and violating specific laws that outlaw skateboarding on public streets and sidewalks. Most of the cases our San Francisco Skateboard Accident Lawyers have
subrogation claims
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (September 6, 2017): Did you know that your health insurance company has a contractual right to reimbursement if you recover your medical bills in a personal injury settlement? The exercise of this right by your health insurance company is referred to as a subrogation claim and in this week’s #WhiteboardWednesday, Matt addresses how to minimize their impact on your personal injury settlement.  Want to use our video on your blog or website? Feel free! Below
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (August 23, 2017): Suing a governmental entity like the City & County of San Francisco (CCSF) isn’t as simple as suing a private business or citizen, but if you have been injured as a result of CCSF’s negligence (or a CCSF employee’s negligence) you are entitled to fair compensation all the same. In this week’s #WhiteboardWednesday, we discuss the logistics of bringing a personal injury claim again CCSF. Want to use our video on your blog or website? Feel