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Kylie Tiell (Bowling Green State U): Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship

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Why text and drive? The last text that I sent was to my brother and I asked him if he wanted to come to dinner and he said that he would but he already had plans and that he had a lot on his mind. So, I asked him what he had on his mind and he said that it was because of his friend Dylan that had just passed away on Wednesday morning the 13that 5:06 am in a car accident. Dylan was 22 years old and he was driving with a passenger and lost control and went left of center. He was texting and driving.  He had hit a pick-up truck driven by a 31-year-old male. The crash had killed three people. Dylan was killed, his passenger also 22 years old and the passenger in the pick-up truck that was 33 years old. Once the ambulance got there they took the 31-year-old driver and a one year old passenger in the truck to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

After getting that text from my brother and how he had a lot on his mind and then realizing it was about his friend Dylan that had passed away it made me realize that I was just texting and driving and that could have been me. I could have been in an accident in that five seconds it took me to respond to my brother’s text message. I’m not really sure why I felt the need or had the urge to answer his text message. I definitely shouldn’t have responded especially because I know that accidents happen like this all the time and I need to be more careful and not text and drive. I usually try not to text and drive a lot but at times I don’t really think about it and I just text back. That isn’t a very good idea though because even if I check to make sure there are no cars around before I do it a car could still come out of nowhere and if I am not paying attention I could hit them or go left of center like Dylan did and hit a car straight on. After hearing Dylan’s story, it makes me realize how much I take for granted. He probably didn’t even think about what he was doing. He probably thought it was just another day and that he was going to make it tomorrow. Which you never really know so I really need to start taking into consideration that you never know if you really will be guaranteed tomorrow.

I think that it is difficult for me to stop texting and driving because I really don’t think about the consequences. I feel like the times that I have sent a text while driving I know that I have been fine and haven’t gotten in an accident I feel like I won’t end up getting in one. But, I’m starting to realize how much it can really affect someone. Especially, when it comes to a person’s family. I couldn’t imagine losing someone in my family especially if it was because they were texting and driving. I have to start putting into perspective these different things to make me realize that sending a text isn’t that important and the way that it would affect people in my life if I were to get into an accident and not make it. I always hear stories about texting and driving but I never think that it will happen to me. But, just knowing that it happened to one of my brother’s best friend it can happen to anyone and I really need to completely stop texting and driving.  I need to start realizing that my life is more important than sending a text and that is really what will make me stop texting and driving completely. So, the next text that you get really think about it. Is that text more important than your life? No, it’s not. There are no excuses for texting and driving. So, text and drive? I wouldn’t try it I’d rather be alive.

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