Thinking Beyond Worker’s Compensation

Aug 09
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (August, 9 2017): Just because you were injured at work or “on the job” doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily limited to Worker’s Comp—third party cases are typically much more friendly
trip and fall lawyer

Dangerous SF Sidewalks: Who’s Responsible?

Jul 26
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (July 26, 2017): San Francisco sidewalks are notoriously worn, broken and dangerous. We regularly hear from people that have been injured after tripping and falling on them. In this week’s

PART 2: My Frustrating Low-Impact, Soft-Tissue Case

Jul 19
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (July 19, 2017): A low-impact car accident that results in soft tissue injuries (strain/sprain of the back and neck) is a very common, but as we discussed last
soft tissue case

PART 1: My Frustrating Low-Impact, Soft-Tissue Case

Jul 12
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (July 12, 2017): The most common type of car accident is a rear-ender at low speeds that results in whiplash, but finding a personal injury lawyer to take

Dog Bites: My Four-Legged Liability

Jul 05
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (July 5, 2017): Did you know that dog owners are strictly liable for the actions of their dogs? Did you know that employers and landlords can be held
Renters Insurance

Renter’s Insurance: Yes, You Need It!

Jun 28
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 28, 2017): Did you know that for as little as $10/month renters can protect their belongings and avoid legal exposure from claims inside and outside the home?
liability waiver enforceable

Liability Waivers: Are They Enforceable?

Jun 21
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 21, 2017): Everyone has “signed their life away” before they were allowed to join a gym, take a scuba-diving course, rent a scooter, or engage in other

4 Common Questions New Clients Ask

Jun 14
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 14, 2017): Most people that contact our personal injury law firm have never been involved with a personal injury claim before. In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Matt

Hurting Your Injury Claim: 4 Common Mistakes

Jun 07
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 7, 2017): There is nothing more frustrating to someone that has been injured in an accident than destroying the value of their own injury claim. In this

Rental Car Insurance: Do I Need It?

May 31
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (MAY 31, 2017): If you have ever rented a car, you know the feeling you get when the rental agent puts the full-court press on you about why