liability waiver enforceable

Liability Waivers: Are They Enforceable?

Jun 21
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 21, 2017): Everyone has “signed their life away” before they were allowed to join a gym, take a scuba-diving course, rent a scooter, or engage in other

4 Common Questions New Clients Ask

Jun 14
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 14, 2017): Most people that contact our personal injury law firm have never been involved with a personal injury claim before. In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Matt

Hurting Your Injury Claim: 4 Common Mistakes

Jun 07
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (June 7, 2017): There is nothing more frustrating to someone that has been injured in an accident than destroying the value of their own injury claim. In this

Rental Car Insurance: Do I Need It?

May 31
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (MAY 31, 2017): If you have ever rented a car, you know the feeling you get when the rental agent puts the full-court press on you about why

Bicycle Accidents: Blaming The Bicyclist

May 24
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (MAY 24, 2017): The Bay Area is a very bicycle-friendly place, but with increased bicycle traffic comes increased car vs. bicycle accidents. These accidents don’t usually end well

Uber/Lyft Accidents: Dealing with Insurance

May 17
WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY (MAY 17, 2017): With more ride-sharing going on than ever before in the San Francisco Bay Area, there has been a corresponding surge in car accidents involving companies like

UM/UIM Insurance: The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make?

May 06
You are a responsible adult. You save for your retirement. You have a monthly budget and your family is even protected with life insurance. But, do you know how much UM/UIM insurance coverage

BART Crime: Dealing with a Commuter’s Nightmare

Apr 28
Imagine it’s a Monday morning and you’re running behind to get to work on time. You ride BART to/from San Francisco or Oakland every day and know the train schedules like
dog bite lawyer sf

Don’t Let Your Dog Take a Bite Out of Your Wallet

Apr 25
If you’re like us, you love dogs! San Francisco loves dogs too and it consistently ranks as the most dog-friendly city in the U.S.  If you own a dog you know
Don't Text and Drive Scholarship

Finalists Announced: Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship

Mar 20
Twice a year, the Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan funds a $1,000 scholarship to help raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving amongst college-aged students.  Studies have shown that