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Who Is Responsible for
Dog Bites in California?

California is a “strict liability” dog bite state. It’s a legal concept that means bite victims in San Francisco and across California can ask dog owners for support to help pay for medical care. It’s a safeguard for victims suffering from the physical wound of a dog bite and the financial hardships of paying medical bills and physical therapy invoices.

California makes it easier for you to seek dog bite recovery help, but that doesn’t guarantee full support. Insurance adjusters will try to prove that a dog bite was your fault. They’ll also look to limit the support they provide. You could end up paying for half or more of your medical bills out of your own pocket.

Strict Liability Benefits for San Francisco Dog Bite Victims

California’s strict liability dog bite statutes clear some of the legal obstacles dog bite victims might run into when requesting compensation from a dog owner.

Liability for dog bites is specifically addressed in California state law.  CA Civil Code Section 3342(a) states:

“The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.”

As stated in the civil code, dog owners are held liable even if a dog has never acted aggressively before or bitten anyone previously. The dog owner is still usually legally responsible to help a bite victim.

Dogs are generally friendly, fun-loving creatures, but when dogs are allowed into a situation where they feel confused, frightened, or threatened, they can lash out instinctively. They may be on the loose and able to leave a yard to attack someone.

They may be allowed too much leash and get close enough to cause a San Francisco cyclist dog bite or a dog bite at a Bay Area dog park. The dogs can’t be held responsible, but dog owners who fail in their duty to protect others from their pets can be.

Exceptions to California’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws

What If My San Francisco Dog Attack Didn’t Involve a Bite?

Dog attack incidents that don’t involve an actual bite aren’t covered under the “strict liability” civil code which makes it easier to prove the dog owner’s liability. However, people injured in a dog attack can still file a lawsuit.

A dog attack may knock victims off their feet and cause them to take a fall injury. A dog may chase a cyclist or pedestrian into traffic to suffer an impact. Victims can file an injury claim, but they’ll face a higher burden of proof. Victims will have to show strong evidence that a dog and a dog owner caused their injury.

An experienced San Francisco Dog Bite Attorney investigates the circumstances of your dog-related injury and makes sure you have the evidence necessary to hold a dog owner responsible no matter the circumstances.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Earning a dog bite injury settlement that covers every medical care invoice is critical to a victim’s recovery. That’s because dog bite injuries are often quite serious and can have long-lasting effects on patients.

These are just a few of the injuries treated in Bay Area emergency rooms after dog bites:

Child Dog Bite Injuries After San Francisco Attacks

Children are naturally curious and sometimes they can approach a dog and frighten it or trigger a protective instinct. A study in the National Library of Medicine estimated that half of all children suffer a dog bite and some point in their young lives. Dog bites affect a victim’s head and neck in almost 80% of those cases.

Children’s bodies are especially vulnerable to dog attacks because they are usually going to be shorter than adults, putting them closer to the ground and closer to a dog’s mouth. Their smaller bodies can’t withstand the force of a bite as well, either. In the most tragic cases involving infants, their bodies are so tiny that a dog’s mouth is able to crush their skulls.

Unfortunately, a child’s dog bite recovery by children is much more serious than a bite on an adult. Children’s bodies are still developing and a broken bone or tissue damage might create problems later as they mature.

MJQ’s San Francisco Child Dog Bite Lawyers understand that a child victim must secure compensation for any current injuries. But they’ll also need enough support to cover complications as they grow and mature in the years to come. Our family attorneys also ensure that young victims get the emotional support they need after dealing with a traumatic dog bite injury.

What to Do After a Dog Bite Injury in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Do I Have a Case?

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What Kind of Compensation Can my Family Receive After a San Francisco Dog Bite Incident?

Securing what’s fair from a dog owner’s homeowners insurance or renters insurance is critical for your recovery and your family’s recovery.

A San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer will be an invaluable help in making sure every hardship you or a family member has faced is accounted for when a dog bite claim is submitted. Once a settlement is accepted, you can’t go back to an insurance company and ask for more money when injury symptoms return.

These factors and more will all be used to determine the size of your dog bite settlement check:

  • How long your recovery takes. The costs of medical care over that time and care anticipated in the future.
  • The emotional and physical anguish you are subjected to.
  • The changes in lifestyle an injury forces you to make.
  • How much work you miss while in recovery.
  • How many parties can be held responsible for your injury e.g., a dog owner, a property owner, a management company, or a governmental department.
  • Insurance limits for liable parties.
  • The skill and experience of your dog bite attorney.

This last one is more important than you’d think. An inexperienced lawyer can lose valuable compensation for a client by falling for common insurance tactics meant to limit support for victims and their families.

By utilizing a strong background in California law and effective investigative techniques, a San Francisco dog bite lawyer leaves nothing to chance. Your case will be backed by strong evidence and leave no room for an insurance company to provide you with less than you and your family need in recovery.

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