Dog Bites at Dog Parks in San Francisco

Do I Have a Case?

When a dog owner takes their dog to a dog park, it’s that owner’s responsibility to make sure that their dog doesn’t attack and bite another owner or dog. Most dog park users use the parks at their own risk, and the parks implement and enforce strict rules for owners and their dogs. Notwithstanding any local rules at dog parks in San Francisco, California’s dog bite statute overrides them. That statute can be found at section 3342 of the California Civil Code. It’s a strict liability statute that holds a dog’s owner liable for damages from any dog bite to a person on public or private property regardless of whether that owner knew or should have known of prior vicious incidents involving their dog.

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Exceptions to Section 3342

There are very few exceptions to the strict liability imposed on dog owners under section 3342. A major exception is that a dog’s owner isn’t to be held liable to a person who is trespassing or provoking the dog on the owner’s property. Another exception involves police dogs. A police department can’t be held liable for injuries caused by a police dog when it’s fulfilling its duties, so long as there is a written policy on canine use of force and it was being followed.

What if Another Dog Attacks My Dog?

Take notice that section 3342 pivots on bites to humans and not dogs. Indeed, you can seek damages if another dog attacks your dog, but section 3342 and strict liability won’t apply. You’ll be required to proceed under the rules of ordinary negligence. Under those rules, you must make a showing that the dog’s owner knew or should have known that his or her dog might attack your dog. Section 3342 has also been interpreted to allow the defenses of assumption of risk or comparative negligence in the event that a dog owner is bitten by another dog when breaking up a dog fight.

Other Bad Dog Behavior

At a dog park, a person might be attacked and injured but not bitten when a dog jumps on him or her. Or, a happy dog could even greet you at Golden Gate Park Dog Play Area and knock you down. That doesn’t mean that the victim might not be eligible for damages compensation, but common law negligence would need to be employed. Strict liability wouldn’t apply as there was no bite.

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