San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer Update

Four adults still remain in critical condition following the tour bus crash that injured 20 people in Union Square on November 13, 2015.  San Francisco General Hospital spokesman, Brent Andrew, stated that the status of the four adults has not changed and san francisco bus accident lawyerthat another two adults have suffered serious injuries.  He declined to comment on the condition of a minor who was also admitted.

According to several witnesses, the tour bus, owned and operated by City Sightseeing San Francisco, was traveling at least 40 mph and looked like it was going out of control. Witnesses stated that it seemed like there were no brakes because the bus was hitting everything in its path.

San Francisco police officials are still trying to determine whether the cause of the crash was mechanical or driver error.  At this time they have not filed any charges against the driver of the tour bus.

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