How Much Is a Bicycle Accident Worth in San Francisco?

Do I Have a Case?

Traffic moves at such a frantic pace in San Francisco that when defenseless cyclists are struck by careless drivers, the consequences are often quite serious.

San Francisco bicycle accident victims may suddenly be down with a broken leg or a traumatic brain injury. They could be compiling large bills for each day spent in a hospital bed. At the very least, it’ll be time off of their bikes unable to do something they enjoy.

After a Bay Area bike accident, it’s fair for injured riders to wonder how much a car insurance provider might have to provide for all of the physical and emotional pain they’ve endured.

A Free Case Evaluation for San Francisco Bike Accident Victims

Getting a quick and accurate assessment of what your bicycle injury is worth is difficult because each case is so different. It’s in this situation that a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney’s experience comes in so handy.

There’s an easy and no-cost way to put this legal knowledge to work for you. Contact The Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan for a free consultation. This consultation comes with no obligation to you or your family. It’s a way to gauge what you should expect out of a bicycle injury claim and how insurance companies will be trying to limit you to far less.

Bicycle Accident Injury Dangers in the Bay Area

The Bay Area offers some beautiful and challenging bicycle rides. Cyclists use San Francisco streets, bike lanes, and paths to get to work, to make a class, or just to get some exercise. Parents and kids take their bikes out in their neighborhoods for some family fun time.

Cycling means recreation for many, but it’s a lifestyle for some. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking when an encounter with a car brings an end to a bike ride.

Collisions, unfortunately, are not a rare occurrence in the Bay Area. California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) documented 401 vehicle collisions involving bicycles across San Francisco in 2021. In Alameda County, including Oakland, 356 bicycle accidents were recorded over the same span.

Even with recent improvements, it’s clear that cyclists still need additional access to safer routes. It’s also apparent that drivers continue to behave carelessly and recklessly around people on bikes.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Case Values

Assigning a dollar amount to your bicycle accident injury case is difficult without knowing every detail of your accident and the expenses you’ve encountered during recovery. However, we can examine past cases in order to establish a range of outcomes that might apply to your injury claim.

The Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyers with The Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan have helped hundreds of cycling accident victims earn the compensation they need to rebuild their health and their lives. Our case victories have earned victims substantial awards.

For example, one case involved a cyclist struck by a city truck in the Sunset district who suffered a knee injury. We helped our client earn a settlement check of $300,000 from the City of San Francisco.

Our skilled attorneys earned another cyclist $45,000 after she was struck while returning from a festival at Golden Gate Park. She was injured and scarred by a careless motorist backing out of a driveway.

Your circumstances may be very different and the bicycle accident settlement check you receive may be far more or less than these two cases.

When determining what your injury may be worth, it is helpful to know the details that factor into how much you could receive.

What Determines My Settlement Amount After a San Francisco Bicycle Accident?

The total on the settlement check you earn or a judgment you are awarded in court will depend on several different aspects of your cycling accident.

These are just a few of the things that will factor in when determining the value of a San Francisco bicycle collision claim:

  • The severity of your bicycle accident injury and the length of recovery.
  • Totals on your doctor bills, hospital stays, surgeon fees, and physical therapy expenses. This will include estimates on the care you’ll need in the future with a long-term injury or permanent disability.
  • The intense physical pain you suffer after a bike accident factors into your settlement check.
  • The intense emotional trauma you suffer in an accident and during recovery. This can include the anxiety and depression you may experience. The loss of enjoyment of life while being off your bike should also earn compensation.
  • The caps on the at-fault party’s insurance policy. There are limits on every car insurance policy. Your San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer will determine if there was more than one party that shared blame for your accident. This allows additional insurance policies to be targeted in claims.
  • The skill of the bicycle accident lawyer you choose. A lawyer with extensive case experience in bicycle accidents will know exactly what to ask for in settlement negotiations. When insurance companies don’t offer what’s fair to injured cyclists, an experienced attorney fights for more.

A skilled bicycle accident attorney will examine your medical documents and fully investigate the circumstances of your collision. A Bay Area bicycle accident lawyer also examines past cases similar to yours and documents the unique hardships you may have suffered in recovery. This process aids in determining how much to demand in settlement negotiations or a lawsuit.

Contact a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As one of the top bicycle accident law firms in the Bay Area, we build strong cases for our clients. Careless drivers in San Francisco are accountable for the harm they cause to cyclists in our city and their insurance providers shouldn’t be allowed to escape full responsibility.

If you have questions about the California laws and benefits that apply to your bicycle accident case, contact our offices for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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