Bicycle Accidents With Delivery Trucks In San Francisco

Do I Have a Case?

San Francisco isn’t known for its level streets or its wide lanes. The city’s narrow, steep thoroughfares provide an enjoyable challenge to cyclists, but the unique grid also poses some dangerous hazards.

The busy traffic poses the biggest threat to cyclists’ safety and the many delivery trucks that take to the road each day only add to the risks. The careless actions of trucks drivers for companies like Amazon and FedEx are more than just irritants for riders, they put the lives of cyclists in jeopardy.

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Delivery Driver Dangers for San Francisco Cyclists

Cyclists who ride San Francisco streets frequently are likely very familiar with the sight of a large box truck or van in their way. A brown UPS van may be parked in an inconvenient spot up ahead or a blue Amazon van could be rolling along taking up more than one lane.

On narrow corridors like Market Street and 6th and 7th streets, an in-motion delivery truck is a moving hazard for cyclists. But the many stops a delivery driver makes also pose a problem for riders.

These are just a few of the dangers delivery routes cause for cyclists in the Bay Area:

  • Parked Delivery Vans – Delivery drivers seem to feel that bike lanes are their parking lots. This careless act can surprise riders and send them into a collision with a large, stopped vehicle. But the more common danger comes as cyclists attempt to get around these big trucks. Riders may have to brave a stream of vehicle traffic or try to squeeze by on the curb-side of the truck and risk hitting the truck’s mirrors or even the driver as they exit with a package.
  • Distracted Delivery Drivers – With space at a premium along San Francisco thoroughfares, a glance down at a tablet or cellphone by a driver on the clock is a real risk. Each route change or hard-to-find address draws the driver’s eyes away from the road, leaving their vehicles inching closer to parked cars, SUVS in traffic, and cyclists on a ride.
  • Reckless Delivery Drivers in a Rush — Delivery drivers are also under a lot of daily pressure to make a certain number of deliveries or reach their destinations by a certain time. This pressure often leads them to make rash decisions. Speeding and aggressive driving are not uncommon behaviors. Cyclists might be run off the road or worse due to this almost encouraged behavior by companies like FedEX or DHL.

What to Do if You’re in an Accident with a Delivery Driver

A delivery driver looking at a cellphone or eating lunch behind the wheel could strike you on a bike ride. You may be in shock over what’s happened and you could also have suffered a painful injury.

If at all possible, it’s important to take advantage of the moments after an accident to collect valuable evidence on the scene.

If you are physically up to it, try to secure these details after a San Francisco bicycle accident:

  • Call 911. Let EMTs examine your injuries and tell police officers everything you can remember about what happened so they can write up an accurate collision report.
  • Take photos of the scene. Get images of any signs or stickers identifying the delivery vehicle and employee. Take pictures of the damage to the vehicles involved, your damaged bike, and any visible injuries.
  • Note the possibility of any security cameras at homes or businesses nearby. Your San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer will request this footage later.
  • Get information from any witnesses on the scene.
  • Exchange information with the delivery driver and try to get an employee number. Don’t discuss fault in the accident or speculate on how badly you are hurt.
  • Don’t throw out evidence. Keep your damaged bike and any damaged clothing.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and save all medical receipts.

Suing a Delivery Company for Compensation After a Bicycle Collision

After a serious bicycle accident, you may be forced to ask a giant corporation like Amazon or FedEx for injury support. You could also have to rely on the driver’s personal commercial truck insurance policy for help. It’s possible both parties may be required to provide you with bicycle injury support.

Companies like Amazon and FedEx back their drivers with a million dollars or more in accident liability coverage. However, they won’t make it easy for you to collect what’s fair for what you’ve been through. Their corporate lawyers and insurance adjusters will work to downplay your injury and possibly even shift the blame for a crash to you.

The good news is that with an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer on your side you won’t have to simply accept this poor treatment. You should expect full compensation for all medical bills now and those expected in the future.

You should also be reimbursed for all time you lose at work and the income you forfeit. The amount of pain you experience and the emotional trauma you endure after a bicycle collision should also factor into a settlement check.

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As one of the top bicycle accident law firms in the Bay Area, we build strong cases for our clients. Large delivery companies are accountable for the negligence of their drivers and we don’t allow them to escape responsibility.

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