Dog Attacks on San Francisco USPS Mail Carriers

Do I Have a Case?

USPS delivery employees work under an implied permission to enter any San Francisco property when the owner or resident has been sent mail or a package. When dog owners leave a pet to roam free on a property, where it can present a threat to a mail carrier, they are responsible for any injuries that occur.

If you are a USPS worker who has been left to recover and pay for a dog bite injury on your own, contact a San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer as soon as possible. The skilled dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan want the chance to answer your questions and go over the benefits available to you in a free consultation.

California Law Regarding USPS Dog Bite Victims

California remains a “strict liability” dog bite state. It means that USPS workers who get bitten are usually well within their rights to demand recovery support from a dog owner. USPS employees have this right, even if a dog has never bitten anyone before. The dog’s history doesn’t matter in California. Dog owners are held accountable.

A few of the circumstances surrounding a dog bite must meet a certain legal standard in order for a USPS victim to file a dog bite injury claim:

  • A bite must occur in a public place or on private property where the mail carrier has permission to be. An implied permission is extended to USPS delivery workers on almost all properties with addresses.
  • The dog can’t have been provoked.

Injured USPS workers should be able to afford the best care for their dog bite injury. They should never be left to wonder how they’ll pay their medical bills and make up for the valuable paychecks they must forfeit.

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San Francisco USPS Mail Carrier Dog Attack Hazards

In 2021, over 5,400 United States Postal Service (USPS) workers were the victims of dog attacks. That’s according to an annual report that was published by USPS in June of 2022. The USPS also highlighted a list of states that contributed the most to that tragic overall dog attack number. Unfortunately, California again topped that list, as it has for several years.

California recorded 656 USPS dog attacks on postal delivery workers in 2021. That was nearly double the cases that the second-place state, Texas, recorded.

As recently as 2020, San Francisco made the USPS top 25 list for dog attack dangers in U.S cities for their mail carriers. That year saw 14 San Francisco dog attack incidents involving USPS workers.

Mail Carriers can present a perceived threat for even friendly dogs. As someone in uniform approaches a property, a dog can become protective or anxious and let instincts take over. Thousands of USPS workers suffer hand injuries, broken bones, and even damage to internal organs. A carrier may even be injured without a bite involved. A threatening dog can knock a delivery worker off a porch to suffer a fall injury.

What to Do After a Dog Bite on Your San Francisco USPS Route

If you are on your USPS delivery route and a dog attacks you, there are steps to take to make sure the blame for a dog bite doesn’t unfairly fall on you.

If you are left physically strong enough after a dog attack, and the scene is safe, you should try to collect certain details that can serve as evidence:

  • Call 911 if you are injured. Let paramedics check out even what appear to be minor injuries. If a dog remains a threat to you or others, the police and animal control will respond. They’ll prepare an accident report that will serve as valuable evidence to help in your injury claim. Police can also help you locate the owner of the dog if the owner can’t be found.
  • Use your phone to get pictures. Take a picture of the dog, the dog’s owner, and the location. Show a break in a fence, a broken latch, or a damaged leash, if they allowed the dog to reach you. Show any visible injuries and damage to clothing.
  • Get the dog owner’s contact information and a homeowners insurance policy number if possible. Don’t say that you’re “okay.” You may have more serious injuries than you realize. Any statement you make can be used against you later by an insurance adjuster.
  • Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Contact your USPS supervisors. Alert your company as to what happened. Only return to work if you feel okay. Don’t return to your route if you don’t feel up to it, even if a manager insists that you do.
  • See your own doctor as soon as possible. Get a second opinion on your wound and allow for x-rays to see if you may have a bone fracture you don’t know about. Follow your doctor’s orders on scheduling physical therapy and seeing specialists.
  • Keep all damaged clothing, including your USPS uniform. Don’t wash bloody clothing until your San Francisco Dog Bite Attorney says it’s okay.

Compensation Available for USPS Employee Dog Bite Victims

Injured USPS workers should seek compensation for every hardship they endure from a dog owner’s insurance company. Dog attack victims should request support for every hospital bill they receive and will receive. They must demand lifelong support if left with permanent disfigurement or disability.

Mail carriers hurt by a dog bite may not be able to walk or carry packages for some time after an accident. They deserve not to have to worry about losing paychecks or having a job to return to as they recover. Lost income and benefits must be restored.

Contact a San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer Serving All Bay Area Victims

The Law Offices of Matthew J. Quinlan have handled cases for many dog bite victims. We’ve secured the money victims need to seek the best medical treatment and rebuild their lives.

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We fight to make sure victims receive the support they need to return to their USPS routes again. If you have questions about the California laws and benefits that apply to your case, contact our offices for a free and confidential case evaluation.