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Homeowners Insurance Dispute

Finding the best San Francisco personal injury lawyer after you have been injured in an unexpected accident can be intimidating and daunting.  We make your decision easy.

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If your home has been unexpectedly damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, water damage, landslide, earthquake or other disaster, you will likely first turn to your homeowner’s insurance to cover your losses and help you repair or rebuild. Unfortunately, many homeowners just like you find that their insurance companies aren’t nearly as happy to receive your insurance claim as they are to receive the premiums that you have been faithfully paying them for years. Since the advent of insurance, insurance companies have been wrongfully denying claims and/or under-paying claimants in an effort to make more money. To be sure, insurance companies are for-profit businesses that are trying to make money – lots of it – and they more they pay you, the less they make themselves. For over 10 years we have been helping homeowners just like you that have had their insurance claims denied or disrespected recover the funds to which they are rightfully entitled so that they can repair and rebuild their homes and lives.

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