Dog Bites Resulting in Hand Injuries in San Francisco

Do I Have a Case?

A dog bite incident can occur anywhere, from a local San Francisco dog park to a friend’s property. No matter what led to the dog bite, you may be concerned about how you will get back on your feet after you have sustained a serious hand injury. By understanding what happens after one of these injuries, you can discover what to expect in your case.

At MJQ Law, we offer representation to victims of dog bite injuries in San Francisco and throughout the rest of the Bay Area. As you deal with the physical toll of your injuries, you may wonder how you will afford to pay the many bills that pile up against you. Contact us today for a no-obligation case consultation so that you can get started on your personal injury claim.

Common Hand Injuries in Dog Bite Incidents

Dog bite injuries can affect many areas of the body, from the legs to the face. Hand injuries are among some of the most common injuries that stem from dog bite incidents. These injuries can range anywhere from minor to severe and include some of the following:

Lacerations: Lacerations are minor to deep cuts that can penetrate directly through the skin after a dog bite attack. A laceration can lead to a couple of stitches or it can reach deep into the nerves or blood vessels depending on the severity of the bite. No matter what, a laceration should always signal immediate medical attention.

Punctures: If a dog bites your hand and it punctures the skin, it can leave a hole on the surface of your skin. Some puncture wounds are so severe that they can penetrate through multiple layers of your skin. If not treated right away, these injuries can lead to a variety of complications.

Soft Tissue Damage: If you have sustained a dog bite to the hand, you could be at risk of soft tissue damage depending on the severity of the bite. These can include tears to the flesh, crushing skin damage, and infections. There are a variety of symptoms that can signal soft tissue damage in a dog bite injury patient, from swelling and muscle spasms to paralysis or loss of sensation in your hand. 

Infections: If a dog bite leads to a hand infection, you could see swelling and redness around the bite. You may also experience pain and start to experience a fever. This means that medical treatment is necessary to stop the infection from worsening.

The injuries that you receive to your hand in a dog attack can range from minor pain to the need for surgical intervention. This is why it cannot be stressed enough that the victim of a dog bite should never delay seeking medical treatment for their injuries.

What To Do After Receiving a Hand Injury Due to a Dog Bite

If you have been attacked by a dog in San Francisco and sustained a serious hand injury, you may wonder where you can turn. There are some steps that you should take to protect your well-being and the future of your claim. These include some of the following:

  • Call 911 and animal control to make reports regarding the bite.
  • Obtain contact information from the dog’s owner, as well as any witnesses at the scene.
  • Take photographs and videos of your injuries and the location of the attack.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries, as well as any follow-up care that you require.

It is important that you never answer calls from the other party’s insurance company unless you have spoken to your attorney and they agree to the call. You do not want to miss out on any financial opportunities for recovery in the future.

Receiving Compensation for Hand Injuries Caused by a Dog Bite

You may assume that a hand injury will quickly heal and will not cost you as much as other injuries in damages. However, this is not always the case and hand injuries can actually be incredibly severe. You may be eligible for a wide array of financial damages as a result. These include some of the following:

  • Medical expenses caused by your injury, as well as those you may incur in the future
  • Emotional and physical suffering caused by your injuries
  • Lost income and future lost wages due to missed time at work
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property damages
  • Punitive damages if gross negligence was involved

The expenses may continue to pile up after a dog bite injury, which is why you should always seek immediate legal help with your claim.

Contact a San Francisco Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Being hurt in a dog bite incident can leave you feeling alone and confused. It can be a life-altering time that leaves you with finances you cannot cover on your own and a long journey to recovery. Speaking with a San Francisco dog bite lawyer can help you receive the support you need during this challenging and complex time.

At MJQ Law, we are here to offer you the help that you need as you navigate the legal system after a dog bite attack. To get started, please contact us for a free and no-obligation case consultation. We will not see a dime until you win your case.