Ok, so you’ve decided that you probably need a lawyer. That’s a good decision! Hiring a great San Francisco personal injury attorney is the first step towards getting a great settlement! We are the top-rated San Francisco personal injury lawyers and have been helping people JUST LIKE YOU for over a decade get better settlements than our competition. In addition to consistently getting bigger settlements, one of the reasons we are so highly regarded in the Bay Area is because we don’t handle all types of injury cases the same way like other lawyers do. Rather, we’ve chosen to become experts in only a handful of accident types and have developed unique, accident-specific strategies in those areas that consistently lead to bigger settlements and happier clients. Click on your specific accident type to learn more about your case and our service or online inquiry by calling: (415) 345-4282.

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Frankly speaking, the single most important element to hiring the right lawyer is finding one that specializes in your type of injury/accident. There are a lot of “do-it-all” personal injury lawyers in the Bay Area that may handle most types of personal injury cases competently, but likely don’t handle any of their clients’ cases exceptionally well because they have never developed true areas of expertise. Wanting to be the best at what we do led us to choose only a select handful of accident types to specialize in (above). Sometimes, that means referring a potential injured client to a lawyer that is more skilled in an area than we are (ex: medical malpractice, products liability, etc.) and that’s just fine with us…

Below you will find a summary on the various types of accidents we specialize in. For more detailed information, please click the icon of the appropriate accident type above.

San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer

Our phone rings most frequently with people who have been injured in a car crash that caused them to be taken to the hospital via ambulance for their injuries. While cars have become much safer over the years, moderate and major collisions still regularly cause significant injuries that lead to large settlements with the insurance company of the at-fault parties. On average, 200,000-300,000 Californians are injured every year on California’s streets and highways. More than half of these Californians have personal injury claims against those responsible for the accident that caused their injuries. Our San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers help our clients who have been injured in car accidents recover as much money as possible by using our extensive experience dealing with 1000s of car crash victims by persuasively presenting our client’s injuries to insurance companies (and occasionally, juries) and identifying additional sources of financial recovery that differ from the obvious auto insurance policies. If you have been injured in a car accident, we can help. Click on our San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer  page for more information.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Nearly every bicyclist involved in a bike vs. car collision is injured; often seriously. Wherever there are bikes and cars sharing the same road, there will be injured bicyclists. Due to the bike-friendly nature of San Francisco and other Bay Area cities, we tend to see more bicycle vs. car accidents than almost anywhere in the county. In conjunction with the City of San Francisco’s “Vision Zero” initiative, The City has shared an interactive map showing all severe injuries and deaths suffered by bicyclists and pedestrians on San Francisco’s streets from 2007-2011. The visualization of the statistics is staggering and sad. Given that we have been representing injured bicyclists long before the data points (read: accidents) shown in the chart occurred, we have undoubtedly been the San Francisco personal injury lawyer to help many of them recover the money they deserve from the insurance companies of the inattentive drivers that caused their injuries. If you have been injured in a bike vs. car accident, we can help! Please visit our San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer page for more information.

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is no more unfair and undeserved bias in our society than the bias against people who ride motorcycles and the B.S. assumption that motorcyclists don’t drive safely or in accordance with the law. Lane splitting is neither illegal nor inherently unsafe. Nearly all of the motorcyclists we have represented over the years are good people and good drivers who were the victim of inattentive drivers and then had to face the prejudice against motorcyclists in their efforts to be treated fairly for their injuries. This San Francisco personal injury lawyer won’t stand for that kind of treatment of our motorcycle riding clients and have been pushing back for over 10 years. All that said, the truth is that when motorcyclists are involved in accidents they often suffer severe injuries. Every year over 10,000 motorcyclists are injured on California roads and highways, while nearly 500 are killed. We are experienced in fighting for and getting justice for our motorcycle riding clients. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us or visit our San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer page for more information.

San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Living in populated and metropolitan areas necessarily means more foot traffic and more injury accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. San Francisco and Oakland are busy with pedestrian traffic. We use tools like Walk Score to evaluate the walkability of neighborhoods because we want to avoid traffic, the need to drive, and the headache of parking. In the Bay Area, we want to walk places and our cities are built around that desire. San Francisco’s WalkScore is 84, while Oakland’s WalkScore is 69. We walk to work, lunch, the store, etc., on a nearly everyday basis. That said, with each trip on foot, we are taking on a great risk that we often don’t appreciate. Pedestrian injuries from being hit by cars are some of the most common causes of injuries and deaths in major metropolitan area. In 2014, 21 pedestrians were killed on the streets of San Francisco alone. Unfortunately, nearly all of these pedestrian injuries and deaths were the result of inattentive drivers and bad driving – most were in crosswalks – and each needed a San Francisco personal injury lawyer. For over a decade we have been representing pedestrians that have been hit by cars. If you have met a similar fate, we can help. For more information, please visit our San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Lawyer page.

San Francisco Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Being the metropolitan area that it is, the Bay Area has more than its fair share of public transportation options available to local residents. From BART, CalTrain, MUNI, AC Transit, SamsTrans, VTA light rail, ferries and shuttles, there is no shortage in options available to those seeking to ride public transit. Due to the volume of rides received in our crowded communities, there are inevitably injury accidents that occur daily, both as a ride of public transportation and as an individual that encounters buses, shuttles and trains in the community. According to the SFMTA, MUNI alone is involved in about 200 injury accidents every year, with about 5 of them being fatal. Bringing a claim or suit against these governmental agencies is a more difficult task than dealing with another private citizen or business. For example, you have 6 months to file a claim against the governmental agency or your ability to sue them will likely be lost. Compare that with the standard two year statute of limitations for bringing a claim and you can see that the law has been written to limit their exposure. For reasons like this, it is critical that you contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to help protect your interests when you are injured in an accident involving any Bay Area public transportation agency. Handling it yourself is not a reasonable option. For more information please visit our San Francisco Public Transportation Accident Lawyer page.

San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer

In California, owners are strictly liable for their dog’s conduct. Other states require that the dog owner be on notice of their dog’s propensity to bite or attack, but not in California. If someone is bitten by a dog, the owner is responsible. Period. That is not to say that the person that is bitten might not also be partially at fault, which limits the amount of money that person might be able to recover from the renters or homeowners insurance of the dog’s owner. This concept is called comparative negligence and comes into play if the person provokes the dog or contributes in some way to the attack or bite. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1,867 Californians brought claims against dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance policies in 2014, a figure that made up about one-third of all homeowners’ insurance claims. If you have been bitten by a dog, you need an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer to help you recover the money you are entitled to for your injuries and emotional trauma. For more information visit our San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyer page for more information.

San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawyer

Nothing is more devastating to a person than the loss of a loved one in a tragic and unexpected accident. Wrongful death claims are claims brought by the loved ones that are left behind, forced to carry on without the person who is now gone. In addition to the emotional loss associated with the death, there is often a harsh financial consequence created by your loved one no longer being able to help provide. Nothing can ever replace your loved one and no settlement will ever fairly compensate you for your loss, but we are experts in obtaining the maximum amount of money for you so that financial stress does not have to persist throughout your life without your loved one. Wrongful death cases are among the largest personal injury claims and locating sources of recovery is often a critical element to obtaining a fair settlement. That makes hiring an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer to present your claim and locate applicable sources of financial recovery imperative. We have spent over a decade representing family members of good people that passed tragically and we can help you. To learn more, please visit our San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawyer page.

San Francisco Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall cases are notoriously difficult cases to recover on, but that has never turned us off from representing people that have suffered severe injuries after tripping or slipping and falling – many San Francisco personal injury lawyers won’t take these cases because they view them as too difficult. These cases are most often brought against businesses, homeowners, and governmental agencies and are fought aggressively by the insurance companies that represent them. California law requires that we establish that the responsible party knew (actual notice) or should have known (constructive notice) about the hazard and did not make the condition safe or warn people about the existence of the hazard. A lawyer is needed for nearly every slip or trip and fall accident because of insurance companies’ unwillingness to pay out on these claims without the threat of a formidable foe in front them (that’s us). If you have been injured in a slip or trip and fall accident we can help you. Contact us or visit our San Francisco Slip and Fall Lawyer page for more information.

San Francisco Workplace Accident Lawyer

In no area is more money left on the table by deserving plaintiffs than with workplace injuries. Everyone has been conditioned to think that if you were injured while you are at work, you have (and only have) a Workers’ Compensation claim. That is typically not true because individuals and entities other than your employer are often the cause or partial cause of your accident/injury. Workers’ Comp is the exclusive remedy for workers for claims AGAINST THEIR EMPLOYER (note: if you are an independent contractor, Worker’s Compensation does not apply to you) – it is not meant for all accidents that occur at work that may be the fault of anyone other than your employer. If you were hurt while working by any individual or company other than your employer, you will likely have a standard personal injury claim against the responsible party. We call these third-party claims and financial compensation available to injured workers with third-party claims greatly exceeds what is available in the “Work Comp” arena. For example, if you are hurt on a construction site because another sub-contractor left their equipment in a dangerous condition, you can sue the sub-contractor for your injuries outside the Workers’ Comp system and recover substantially more money than if you just pursued a Workers’ Comp case. Another example: if you were in a car accident while on-duty delivering a pizza, you have a claim against the driver that hit you, despite the fact that Workers’ Comp will cover your medical expenses, etc. Again, far more money is available to you. Never assume that you are limited to Workers’ Comp because you were hurt at work. We are experts at determining the party that was at-fault for your injuries and if anyone other than your employer is responsible, you will need a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to handle your third party claim. Visit our San Francisco Workplace Accident Lawyer page for more information.

Other Personal Injury Accidents

OvIiIIf ffIII fIf we have learned anything over the last decade+ it is that accidents occur without warning and often times in the most unexpected ways. One of the things that makes us the best at what we do is being able to evaluate your accident and determine who is at fault for your accident (it’s not always obvious) and what needs to be done to obtain a fair settlement for you. Although the accidents listed above are the types of cases we handle most often, there are several additional types of cases that, although less common, we do handle and have developed an expertise with, which include: Assault and Battery, Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, Premises Liability, Negligent Security, and more. If you have suffered injuries from one of these types of accidents or something different altogether, contact us for a free consultation with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer. For more information about the less common types of accidents we handle please visit our San Francisco Accident Lawyer page for more information.

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