According to Cal Fire, as of September 9th, The Dixie Fire has burned more than 925,000 acres, making it the second biggest wildfire in California history. It began near Lake Almanor close to Dixie Road on July 13th, 2021 and is still not contained. In its wake, the Dixie Fire has already burned more than 1,000 homes and buildings in small towns like Greenville and Canyondam and left fire victims looking for the cause of the fire. According to reports, the Dixie Fire appears to have started when a large, 70 foot Douglas fir tree fell onto power lines after succumbing to significant rot. This tree had not been identified as dangerous or unhealthy by PG&E inspectors; they had inaccurately deemed this particular tree to be healthy.

Who is Responsible for The Dixie Fire?

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Our San Francisco fire claims law firm believes PG&E, a private utility company providing power to the region is to blame for the tree that fell onto power lines and created the spark that took homes and businesses in Butte, Plumas, Lassen, and Tehama Counties. And while PG&E is currently denying responsibility for the fire, many are criticizing PG&E mis-identification of the rotted Douglas fir at the center of the blaze. This negligent maintenance of vegetation near power lines, which should have been underground in the first place, is the likely cause of the destruction. PG&E has an obligation to maintain safe power lines and ensure trees near their power lines do not pose a risk to the communities they serve. Our investigation continues.

DID YOU KNOW: Records indicate that since 1913, 99% of the wildland fires in the area were started/caused by humans/businesses. This was not an act of nature.

Of course, this is not the first time PG&E’s negligence was deemed to be the cause of deadly and devastating fires in Northern California. PG&E was the admitted cause of major recent California wildfires (Camp Fire, Tubbs Fire, Butte Fire, etc.) over the past handful of years, which recently drove PG&E into bankruptcy and resulted in PG&E settling ~$26,000,000,000 in claims from fire victims, insurance companies and municipalities that were affected.

Our law firm successfully represented approximately 50 of these fire victims in their claims against PG&E for the loss of their homes and businesses. PG&E is no longer in bankruptcy. Should PG&E’s negligence also ultimately be to blame for the Dixie Fire as our attorneys suspect, PG&E will again be responsible for compensating fire victims for their losses beyond any claims that have been covered by a victims’ homeowners insurance, including pain and suffering.

We Are Filing Lawsuits Against PG&E on Behalf Of Dixie Fire Victims 

We are experienced San Francisco wildfire lawyers and are currently representing victims of the Dixie Fire in their claims against PG&E. Damages include wrongful death of loved ones, personal property loss, including destroyed homes, and severe emotional damages related to these losses. We have a history of successfully litigating suits against PG&E and have represented many dozens of Northern CA fire victims in the past, including recent Valley Fire victims, Tubbs Fire victims and Camp Fire victims in their claims for damages against PG&E. Our attorneys are currently working with state and local authorities to establish the cause of the Dixie Fire from a legal perspective and are preparing to file lawsuits against PG&E for causing the Dixie Fire and taking homes, businesses and potentially lives.

We are representing all of our clients on a contingency fee basis, which means we are only paid if we win your case against PG&E. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at (415) 345-4282 to discuss your claim or fill out the form below. We would be pleased to have you visit us in our San Francisco office, or if you prefer, we are able to handle all the information and paperwork over the phone and email.

Current Client: “My family lost our home in the Tubbs Fire and we hired Matt and his team to sue PG&E for everything we lost and everything we went through. He is a well-known, reputable lawyer in San Francisco and has successfully sued PG&E before, but he’s not one of these lawyers flooding into our community trying to sign up as many of us as possible like sharks. Many of these lawyers seem to view our tragedy as an opportunity and I don’t like that. If you want to recover money for your losses from PG&E and work directly with an experienced lawyer, I recommend Matt.”
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